Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chestertown hooks, Mustad 3298 Blind Eye streamer hooks

            Inspired both by the hooks that I recently acquired, as much as by the interesting feathers I found on a pair of Silver Pheasant skins I have, I just had to do something.  Here are the results so far. 

The first pattern is a retake on the old favourite The Blacknose Dace, originally by Art Flick.

Blacknose Dace
Hook: Mustad 3298 Chestertown size 9
Tail: red swan
Body: silver tinsel ribbed with fine silver twist
Throat: ginger hackle
Wing: two pairs dark furnace hackle with silver pheasant flank over

The second pattern is a new one of my own creation. 
The Wind among the Stars
Hook: Mustad 3298 Chestertown size 9
Tail: Vulturine guinea wing secondary
Body: 2/3 silver tinsel, 1/3 dark purple silk, ribbed with silver tinsel and fine silver twist
Throat: Vulturine guinea wing secondary
Wing: Vulturine guinea throat, Vulturine guinea shoulder, silver pheasant flank over

I am thinking of other ideas for these hooks.  I have roughly 600 or so of them.  Very nice blind eye hooks they are! 

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  1. These are beautiful,i was lucky enough to find some blind eye hooks.Can you ell me what you used to make the eye loop please??Thanks..jim